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Xella is a founding member of the Stiftung 2° Foundation, a climate protection initiative of German companies. Xella has furthermore been committed to the Deutsche Unternehmensinitiative Energieeffizienz (German Industry Initiative for Energy Efficiency, or DENEFF) since 2011 (see page 83). As a promoter of sustainable building, exchanging ideas, expertise, and knowledge with domestic and international partners is of paramount importance to us. Examples of our cooperation partners include France’s effinergie Institute and the iepd Passive House Institute in Slovenia. We also belong to a range of different institutions. Hebel for instance, is a member of the German Sustainable Building Council (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen, DGNB). This competence platform which deals with the subject of sustainability in the built environment is neither ecologically nor economically oriented; its primary commitment lies in achieving social objectives. Ytong is a member of Econet China, a nonprofit initiative set up by German industry. This information, networking and marketing platform which deals with the areas of building, energy and the environment is organized by the German International Chamber of Commerce. Xella Russia is a member of the Russian Green Building Council (RuGBC). This non-profit organization and member of the World Green Building Council is involved with the development and implementation of ecological building methods. Xella Italia is a partner in the Casa Clima agency in Bozen, Italy. This public institution for the energy certification of buildings has already certified over 5,000 buildings in Italy. The Casa Clima agency focusses on the training and continuing education of all parties involved in construction. Xella Italia is also a partner in the Italian Association for Sound and Thermal Insulation in Buildings (ANIT) and the Gruppo Passive House Italia. This network supports passive house concepts in Italy. Xella Hungary cooperates with the Energiaklub, the Hungarian Institute of Energy Efficiency. Xella is furthermore represented in all of the relevant industrial associations through its foreign subsidiaries.

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