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Qualified and motivated managerial staff and employees are the most important basis that will ensure sustained success for the Xella Group. This is why we motivate and support our workers by offering them opportunities and benefits aimed particularly at their professional development. Recognizing and developing our employees’ capabilities is just as important to us as retaining our staff over the long term.

The Human Resources Management (HRM) department at Xella is tasked with creating organizational and human resource structures that will allow our employees to fulfil their professional and personal potential to the full and ensure that their skills and aptitudes are correspondingly utilized. But we can’t only rely on the existing workforce to secure the company’s sustained success. It is also important to achieve the right individual balance between employees that have gained many years of experience with the company and bringing in new talent. This means on the one hand that we must permanently recruit suitable workers from the job market, while on the other we must ensure that our existing employees develop their skills to the best of their abilities. A further key issue lies in maintaining the attractiveness of our company, with the primary aim of retaining employees that have Xella-specific knowledge over the long term.

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The average length of service of Xella employees is 14.6 years.