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In this “Sustainability Report 2014” Xella provides its employees, business partners, politicians and non-governmental organizations – together with interested members of the general public – with information on how Xella is dealing with the issue of sustainability as part of its corporate strategy. The facts and key indicators set forth in this report refer to financial years 2012 and 2013 (1 January to 31 December respectively). Where not otherwise noted, all statements apply to all of our business units and to all of our subsidiary companies worldwide that were part of the Xella Group in 2013. The compilation of data will be gradually expanded over the coming years. The planned publication date of the next report is 2016.

This Sustainability Report has been prepared in accordance with version G3.1 of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) international guidelines and complies with the requirements of GRI Application Level B. This has been verified by the GRI during the course of an audit. Further information on the subjects covered by the report can be found on our website at nachhaltigkeit.xella.com. The last sustainability report was published in May 2012 and is still available on our website. For improved readability, we have generally avoided using both genders. This should of course be taken to include all of our female colleagues. The report is published in German and English.

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