Fels is Xella’s brand name for its high quality lime products and mineral compounds. The second-largest German lime producer, Fels operates seven lime plants, a dolomite quarry and a mortar factory in Germany. The company also operates a lime plant in Vitosov, Czech Republic, and in Tovarkovo, Russia. Fels quarries limestone of high purity, quality and homogeneity from its own raw material deposits, which is then refined into high-quality lime, lime hydrate, limestone and lime compounds.

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We supply some five million tons of our lime products to customers from a range of industries. These include the steel industry, environmental protection and railroad sectors. Lime and limestone products are also used in the chemicals, civil engineering, agricultural and forestry sectors – and in further important industrial applications.

Environmental protection is one of the largest areas of application for lime from Fels. Power stations, waste incineration plants and other industrial plants are supplied with over one million tons of high quality limestone products for air pollution control each year. Lime is also indispensable for wastewater treatment and potable water production. The lakes left behind by open-face mining operations in the former coal producing areas of East Germany are undergoing long-term restoration using lime. In civil engineering, lime is an important component used in soil reinforcement, stabilization and strengthening measures to make roads more resistant to water and frost damage – and therefore more durable. Residual products from the refining of crude oil are also treated with lime, for instance scavenging sludge from boreholes. Special lime products are also used to neutralize acids, bind heavy metals and support the degradation of pollutants.

Fels is also a key raw material supplier for the manufacture of autoclaved aerated concrete and calcium silicate blocks. As a natural raw material, lime makes a decisive contribution to the durability and sustainability of building materials. Thanks to its excellent binding capacity and basicity, it is also effectively used in a wide range of environmental applications.

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Fels supplies over 1.5 million
tons of lime and limestone products a year for a large number of key environmental applications including air pollution control, potable water production, wastewater treatment, renaturation of the lakes left behind by open-face mining operations and for countering the effects of acid rain.