Fermacell is Xella’s brand name for dry lining products. To make our gypsum fiberboard panels – that have been on the market in Germany since 1971 – gypsum and fibers from recycled paper are mixed with water, pressed into stable boards, dried and then cut. Fermacell gypsum fiberboards can be universally used as building, wet room or fire protection boards and are also suitable for constructing walls and ceilings.

Picture: Fermacell

Special gypsum fiberboard flooring elements are available for constructing heavy duty floors. The boards and elements are extremely strong, can be fitted very quickly, provide efficient noise and fire protection and also ensure a pleasant indoor climate. A high proportion of macropores in the gypsum’s core allows the boards to absorb excess humidity from the air and release it again later, when the indoor air is dry – making a significant contribution to environmentally aware and healthy living. The independent eco-Institut has also confirmed the environmental sustainability of Fermacell products.

A particularly occupant-friendly variant is the innovative Fermacell greenline gypsum fiberboard. These boards contain a special keratin-based coating on both sides. This absorbs toxins such as formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the room air and permanently neutralizes them.

The Firepanel A1 gypsum fiberboard represents the pinnacle of Fermacell’s fire protection expertise. Firepanel A1 possesses all the well-known properties of traditional Fermacell gypsum fiberboards – and offers even better fire protection qualities for both building materials and elements. The boards have been classified as A1 building materials – the highest European class. For particularly stringent requirements relating to fire and moisture protection, Fermacell has developed the Powerpanel H2O cement-bonded waterproof dry lining panels. These offer the optimum solution for rooms with high moisture resistance requirements such as sanitary facilities, wellness rooms and indoor swimming pools. Powerpanel H2O furthermore serves as a cladding panel for exterior back-ventilated curtain façades and suspended ceilings.On the other hand, Powerpanel HD is used as a lath construction in exterior timber panel building applications. This panel impresses with its static load capabilities and weather protection properties.

Gypsum fiberboards are manufactured in Germany at Münchehof and Siglingen and in Wijchen, the Netherlands. A new gypsum fiberboard factory was opened in 2013 close to the northern Spanish city of Santander. Fermacell cement-bonded dry lining panels come from Calbe in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

Picture: Highly moisture resistant Powerpanel H2O lightweight concrete construction board
New perspectives for classic dry lining: Highly moisture resistant Powerpanel H<sub>2</sub>O lightweight concrete construction board

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For over 40 years, the Fermacell brand has been synonymous with high-quality, environmentally-
friendly dry lining.